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2n Campus Escacs Andorra - Hotel St. Gothard

Last update 16.07.2015 20:19:03, Creator/Last Upload: federació d’escacs valls d’andorra

Starting rank

1Lux de Melo Hugo2138298BRA2081
2Globus Or2816776ISR2080
3Eizaguirre Floris Maria32065752ESP1874
4Real Pons Joan2258340ESP1835
5Guillo Longares Cecilia32082681ESP1822
6Attard Leopold26042380FRA1802
7Alcover Sancho Manuel22267794ESP1707
8Eizaguerri Bradineras Antonio32066929ESP1476
9Riba Revert Valenti6900364AND1466
10Lavernia Marco Marc24517526ESP1462
11Alcon Llosada Alex6900780AND1302
12Vazquez Francisco24532495ESP1301
13Alcon Llosada Jaume6900798AND1248
14Srinivasan Harish46630910IND1160
15Abergel EloneFRA0
16Abergel Emmi36074225FRA0
17De La Riva Real Ariadna6901018AND0
18Kogan Carolina24544060ESP0
19Lux de Melo Helena36049344FRA0
20Martinez Gamiz Marc6900976AND0
21Navarro Mignorance Ernest6900607AND0
22Querol Zamora Ivan24517542ESP0
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