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2015 National Sports Day Blitz

Last update 29.06.2015 01:47:34, Creator/Last Upload: fiji chess federation

Starting rank

1CMPrasad Calvin11400072FIJ2071
2CMKumar Manoj11400064FIJ1989
3CMArvind Goru11400188FIJ1673
4CMAdricula Noel A11400234FIJ1655
5Prasad Rudr11401095FIJ1625
6Taloga Russell11400765FIJ1572
7Prakash Prashil11400692FIJ1553
8WCMSukhu Gloria11400099FIJ1434
9Bennion William11400978FIJ0
10Kohoban Dileetha11401214FIJ0
11Koroi Auston11400340FIJ0
12Ong Calvin11401370FIJ0
13Prasad Kelvyn11400447FIJ0
14Prasad Mahir11400706FIJ0
15Prasad Mayur11400714FIJ0
16Prasad Ravikesh11401087FIJ0
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