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Qualified Hadhramout Open Chess Championship for Republic Championship

Last update 28.11.2014 19:49:39, Creator/Last Upload: yemen chess federation

Starting rank

1Hayabuk HussainYem1253
2Balbahayth NaserYem1225
3Binmahfoudh AbdullaYem1201
4SaaduAllah AliYem1201
5Bamuallim SabriYem1200
6Attamimi AbdelazizYem1194
7Bagushmar SalimYem1154
8Binmalik AbdelgaderYem1153
9Bamayer MoradYem1141
10Alattas AhmadYEM1130
11Almaydae NaserYEM1130
12Benhawayl AbdelAzizYEM1130
13Albayti MohamadYEM1130
14Bakhobush OmerYEM1129
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