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UASS Aprilsnabben 2014

Last update 16.04.2014 07:38:36, Creator/Last Upload: david foster

Starting rank

1Lindberg HenrikSWE2274UASS
2Jansson BörjeSWE2263UASS
3Johansson ThomasSWE2232UASS
4Cederberg K-OSWE2190UASS
5Kicin AlmirSWE2128UASS
6Dolata HenrykSWE2123UASS
7Nilsson PeterSWE2090USSS
8Franzén ThomasSWE1988Arboga SK
9Ekelund KurtSWE1978UASS
10Nylund SevedSWE1877UASS
11Jansson JonnySWE1862SK 78
12Ranganathan ShyamSWE1861UASS
13Berglund Nils-ErikSWE1856UASS
14Nyberg BoSWE1816UASS
15Nilsson JoakimSWE1680USSS
16Frantz DylanSWE1666UASS
17Buchert VitusSWE1384UASS
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